April 13, 2011

bef0re i cl0se my eyes, its u i wanna see by my side..

tues, wed, thur, fri, sat, sun, m0n, tue again.. at last, we have da tym to sit n talk togeda. jz da two of us.. mam at 1 of our fav place.. best place 2 relax n laugh lyk wat..as usual, so many tings dat we've shared.. da tym owez jeles wif us, da tym will never b enaf when we're togeda.. d situ la manisnya..

few m0nths t0geda, 1 m0nth we're apart. act, masa jauh=masa dekat. tp yg dkat byk cket la mcm.. but still i dun feel da l0neliness while i were der when we met on da 1st day of my h0liday in tawau.. mcm bsambung my last day in tawau dgn 1st day smpi twu. no days with0ut him over there.. evriday i were acc0mpanied by our sweet mem0ries.. his sweet w0rds n evriting ab0ut ma charm..

'cinta itu xslalunya indah', mest la ada pahitnya.. tp yg pahit 2 tlalu sdikit 2k d kenangkn.. while da sweet one, 'TERLALU MANIS UNTUK DILUPAKAN'.. coz evendo der are few bnda yg x best, ianya dpat d cover dgn benda2 yg best.. so wat for u wanna waste ur tym to think about yg xbest.. yg indah kan lebih bagus!!! so no point la mau bsar kan bnda yg kcik2 ni.. but then, ppl said that the more we careful, the more mistakes we do... but, we are only human.. no matter how care we handle things, sumtyms things happen the other way round... so it's up to us how to take it.. for us, we apply positive thinking in every of our doings n thinking.. bila kita fikir positif, bnda yg mncurigakan pon, bole berubah.. sblum tau pkara sbenar xsalah rasanya mau fikir mcm tu..

to be continued...


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