November 09, 2010

now i'm BACK!!!

Seems like almost two years I didn't update my blog.. Rindu BANGET!! But then, wut to do.. i've got so many works to do or the correct term is 'tidak pandai buat blog'. hahahaha dulu2 me love to read people's blog.. thats y i create mine.. tp kan, me ni kan malas, so mau blajar kasi cantek blog pon me malas.. but there's 1 blog dat really inspires me...

ni kan blog best fren me ba.. kmurg go la n check who is da preety lady yg me mksudkan.. i love her writting.. but i love her more.. hahaha dat day me ada wat 1 blog baru tp me forgot od da pass n lazy to search back.. so biarla kan? like ma frens said "nabiallah ba.. matcham ndak jugak pinting itoooo".. hahaha those crazy frens of mine.. hope 1 day i'll have the time to write bout them so the whole world know how special they are for me.. :)

i hope this date will change my life.. by sharing ma thoughts and feelings in this blog, i could be someone new.. someone better.. macam sak me ni jahat btol kan? ngee~!!


see ya when i'm free!!


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