January 25, 2011

di kala aku sakit perot n teringat ma dia.. PENGENTUT!!!!

hidup umpama... apa ya..? roda?? pisang?? hahaha aku pon xtau sebenarnya. mgkin sbb aku blom tau ag erti kehidupan sebenar.. mgkin sbb hidupku terlalu d corak oleh org lain.. i wont put the blame on any1's shoulder.. coz i noe there must be gud reason behind it.. hahaha macam direct transalation jak ba.. :)

but if i ask dat sum1, i'm sure dat person can talk for hours to explain wat life is all about.. hahaha dia got so many ideas n thats y i lyk to spend ma tym wif dia.. evendo i cant reply evry single word dat dia spoke, but dia dun mind i tink.. at least dia got sum1 to talk to.. maybe.. coz dia ni mmg byk ckp.. lagi byk ktawak la tapik.. :) yg owez buat me hantak kepalak.. huiiisshh!!!

from small things up to elephant's father, dia knows.. unbelievable?? BELIEVE it!!! ahhahaha d only thing dat i dun like is when dia said, "........" y must dat phrase comes out from ur heart?? lallalala if ure reading this entry, mest u geram kan?? ahahahah itu pon if u read this la..

some of ma entry is for u guys to read, where as sum of them is juz to luah prasaan jak.. nasib la if u guys tbaca o x.. bcoz sumtyms, not all things i can speak out.. so this is my 'here i share n here i care'.. asi ka?? who cares?? so do i!! wakakakkaa

would u say : I TOLD YOU SO!!!!


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